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Tours at Isla Corazon


Pricing for Tours

All Tours Include transportation by canoe, guide, & park entrance fees.

Tour Name

Aprox Time

1 Pax

2 to 5 Pax

6 or More

Isla Corazon Trail

2 hrs

$ 10

$ 5

$ 3

Bird Watching

2 hrs

$ 10

$ 5

$ 5

Island Trail & Bird Watching

3 hrs

$ 15

$ 10

$ 6

Mangrove Tunnels + Bird Watching + IslandTrail

4 hrs

$ 20

$ 15

$ 7



The Isla Corazon Trail is a raised walkway inside the mangrove where you can see the biodiversity of life that the mangroves support.

Raised Mangrove Walkway


Birdwatching Tours take you around the Island so you can see the life at the edge of the Mangroves.

Bird life at the edge of the Mangroves


Mangrove Tunnels take inside the Mangrove through natural water ways that get you in touch with the life inside the mangroves.

Mangrove tunnels

We can also make arrangements for further visits to see:

  • How is fishing done by the local community.
  • Visit the local Shrimp Ponds.
  • Other visits to the Chone Estuary.


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